Community Profile

This picturesque area is surrounded by beauty and wonder, from the hydro dams to the rich forest to the sandy beaches, there is something for every enthusiast. Located just 132 km northeast of Winnipeg, MB it is a quick retreat from city life. A multitude of beaches and quiet living are available in the surrounding areas. You can acquire all of the supplies you may need from grocery outlets for cabin living or stay overnight in one of the various lodgings. Fishing, hunting and snowmobiling are just a few of the things that draw the tourists to this community.

Powerview and Pine Falls were sister towns located on Highway 11 off the banks of the banks of the Winnipeg River. The community of Pine Falls evolved in 1926 when John D. McArthur purchased the site from Fort Alexander and with partner George Mead they formed the Manitoba Paper Company. With the area growing, soon the community of Powerview was developed and became a separate entity in 1951.

The Manitoba Paper Company changed ownership over the course of years and it is now known as Tembec Industries. With the purchase of the paper mill in 1998 they announced that the town would need to become sufficient on their own. Pine Falls decided that it would be in their best interest to join a similar community and went into negotiations with the Village of Powerview. On May 1, 2005 the two communities successfully joined under one governing office. The community is presently at a population of 1,294.

Location: 132 km (82 miles) North East of Winnipeg, turn off of Highway #59 onto Highway #304 or further north on Highway #59 to Highway #11

Region: Eastman

Distance to major North American cities:
  • Calgary: 1437 km (862 miles)
  • Chicago: 1435 km (861 miles)
  • Grand Forks: 365 km (219 miles)
  • Minneapolis: 795 km (477 miles)
  • Toronto: 2147 km (1288 miles)
  • Vancouver: 2369 km (1421 miles)
  • Winnipeg: 132 km (82 miles)

Elevation: 798 metres

Average Temperature:
  • January (winter) -14'C 6.8'F
  • April (spring) 9'C 48.2'F
  • July (summer) 25'C 77 'F
  • October (fall) 10'C 50 'F

Annual Precipitation: 521 mm (20.84")

Population: 1,294