Anniversary Park

Newly developed and opened in 2002 celebrating 50 years of incorporation of the Village of Powerview and Manitoba Hydro in 2001. A beautiful area for weddings, a picnic or just a quiet get away situated at the east end of Powerview north of Highway 11.    A beautiful fountain to admire and a breath-taking view of the dam and river to experience.

 Linden Park

A new addition to the community is located in downtown Pine Falls in the hub of the business community. It is beautifully adorned with flowers and benches and a spot to sit and relax for a breath of fresh air.
pitre park sign

 Pitre Park

One man's commitment and dedication for 30 years has been admired and appreciated by all who visit and take in it's splendors. Located near the end of Elm Street this park has been the back drop for numerous weddings and graduations pictures and is coincided as one of our hidden gems.  
Tri-court with Tennis - Pickleball - Basketball

 Village Green

situated in the heart of Pine Falls and is equipped for family outings. This park encompasses a playground and tennis courts with a paved walking path. It also has plenty of shade to sit back and read a good book.

 Wayside Park

small but quaint is situated at the east end of Powerview south of Highway 11. It is well equipped with picnic tables for a quiet lunch.